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Year 7 – Enterprise Project with PIE

28 August 2018

Overview: In 2018 PIE launched the Primary to Prosperity programme.  This introduces competition between schools to win £5000.  The winner is based upon profit. More details at link: http://www.pieproject.org/

Stage 1 - 25 schools in the North East compete in a STEM and Computer programming challenge to enrich the curriculum, develop the skills of the pupils and to identify schools to proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 - Ten schools are given £100 ‘seed corn’ to set up and run a business.  Each school supported by a Business partner to help generate ideas, prepare a business plan and implement the plan.  Whilst guidance will be issued on how to approach the challenge, schools and their business partners will be left to shape their own projects to meet their need. 


  • To bring business closer to schools to help prepare and inform young people.
  • To develop activities and training that enhances opportunities.
  • To enrich the school curriculum through enterprise activities.

Region Available: Across NE

Key Dates: Stage 1 – 19 Oct 18, Stage 2 Announced – 9 Nov 18, Celebration Event – 15 Feb 19

Key Dates: Stage 1 – 22 Mar 18, Stage 2 Announced – 19 Apr 19, Celebration Event – 12 Jul 19


For more information and to sign up contact Asha Soar E: asha@abconnexions.org T: 0191 242 4892

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