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Below is a list of resources to support teachers in delivering avtivity in Scienece Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

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STEM Directories

STEM Directories are a national resource for teachers. They list many of the regional and national schemes teachers can access to enhance and enrich the curriculum.

The Engineering Directory

The Maths Directory

The Science Directory

STEM for Schools & Colleges

STEM Directories Brochure

The STEM directories where launched in September 2008 at the BA Festival of Science. The aim of these directories, along with the National STEM framework, is to provide teachers and schools with a clear and coherent path to enrichment and enhancement opportunities in the UK.For more information on the STEM Directories visit

Clubs, CREST Awards and Fairs

The British Science Association's range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s (STEM) enrichment activities aim to inspire and engage 5-19 year olds.

This aim is achieved through our nationally recognised CREST award schemes, support for STEM clubs, the National Science & Engineering Competition and collaborative events such as the Big Bang: UK Young Scientists' and Engineers' Fair.

It Makes You Think

Young people engage best with science that touches their own lives, for example in relation to food, health and public debates. Increasingly, their lives are linked with global issues and with people in other parts of the world, and science can help to make sense of this interdependence.

  • 10 global Science topics
  • Downloadable teaching resources
  • Developed by teachers for teachers

The Association for Science Education, the UK’s largest subject teaching association, brings you a free website to enrich your teaching and learning in science!

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The National STEM Centre

STEM teaching and learning resources: The National STEM Centre houses the UK's largest accessible physical library of resource materials to support the teaching and learning of science, design & technology, engineering and mathematics.

The collections range across materials for the 5 - 19 age group. Alongside contemporary resource materials including print, multimedia, and practical resources, is a growing archive collection, which showcases several decades of curriculum development.

GAIM Activities: Investigations

GAIM Activities are open-ended tasks where achievements in using and applying mathematics can be assessed alongside content. In the investigations students explore pure mathematics.

GAIM provides teachers with 80 Activities (40 Investigations and 40 Practical Problems) as a resource for teaching and assessment. These are open-ended…

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Schools World Service

Join Schools World Service reporter Ben Thompson on his journeys through Italy to find out how young people are coping with the economic crisis.

Stargazing LIVE: BBC Two

Watch inspiring astronomy films for students of all ages, plus download teacher's packs, lesson plans and worksheets inspired by the BBC Two series. Professor Brian Cox answers your school's questions LIVE in the Stargazing school webcast on 19 January at 2pm.


SciberMonkey has been created by the Biochemical Society. It aims to support the teaching and learning of science for 5-14 year olds.

The Biochemical Society recognizes that there are many good teaching resources already available for free on the internet. However, we also know that teachers have little spare time to trawl through search engine results and find the best information

IOP Institute of Physics

The IOP website offers a range of different level teaching resources for the classroom and for STEM Clubs

>> resources for the classroom

>> STEM Club Activity Pack: The Institute of Physics produces an activity pack containing physics-based ideas, resources and activities for science, technology, engineering and math’s (STEM) clubs

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