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Starts: 09/Apr/2021 @ 00:00 to 14/Jun/2021 @ 00:00
Price: Free

Atkins – ‘Net Zero Superheroes’ challenge

Atkins is launching a new STEM competition aimed at students in Years 7-10. The company is passionate about addressing climate change and want to talk to schools about it as a top priority.  Atkins wants to help them understand the challenges of meeting ‘Net Zero’ – in fact, help them understand what ‘Net Zero’ actually means - and what needs to be done to get there, particularly from an engineering perspective.

The ‘Net Zero Superheroes’ competition aims to encourage pupils to learn about Net Zero, with some great prizes up for grabs including £250 of school resources, a trip to a power station or a drone flight at school.
As this is the first year of the competition, there may be a low volume of entries and therefore a high chance of winning. Atkins has training material to help pupils develop understanding of Net Zero and Atkins staff will be available to mentor and support any students interested throughout the competition. Much of the training material aligns with KS3 Geography and Science curriculum topics about energy.
For more details, visit their website or contact us at ENZschools@atkinsglobal.com

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