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IN IT TOGETHER (this is a series of events)

From 16/Mar/2021 to 11/May/2021
Times: 12pm - 1pm
Venue: Online
Price: Free




A series of talks to motivate and inspire everyone to shine - despite our New Normal

Tuesdays BI - WEEKLY, 12 - 1pm

16th March - Lockdown Heroes with Side Hustles

About this Event

We know 2020 was rubbish for many and 2021 hasn’t started much better. Come along and hear from our speakers who have not only survived but thrived to motivate you into a more positive frame of mind.

Our Speakers

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee, AviateHer Krystina is a Chartered Engineer and STEM Ambassador who works as a Senior Flight Systems Engineer at BAE Systems. She studied Aerospace Systems Engineering at university, after being inspired by an airshow when she was in school and became the first engineer in her family. As there was a lack of visible females when she was studying and early on in her career, she is passionate about encouraging and inspiring more young girls to consider STEM careers and push past those gender stereotypes! During the first lockdown Krystina set up her own business, AviateHer, selling accessories to promote diversity in engineering. She has since expanded for various careers in STEM and part of the proceeds from each accessory go towards charities working towards improving diversity in STEM.

Alexandra Knight, Stemazing

Alex is Founder and Director of Stemazingltd and Stemazingkids CIC. Her mission is to empower women in STEM to shine as confident, visible role models and to inspire our future generations of innovators and problem-solvers.
Alex set up Stemazing as a side-hustle at the end of 2019 as an avenue for her passions. Then at the end of 2020 she left her main job as Technical Director in Amey Strategic Consulting to focus full time on Stemazing.
She is also a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Brunel University London, a Trustee on the Board of WES and a mum of two young children.

Andrea Pearson, Teesside Cloth Nappy Library

Andrea is a Chemical Engineer, and since graduation 12 years ago has worked for SABIC UK Petrochemicals on Teesside, working up to Senior Operations Engineer.
Andrea has two children aged 4 and 1, and whilst on her most recent maternity leave, she took over running Teesside Cloth Nappy Library. The library helps local families to convert from disposable nappies to reusable ones by hiring out nappy kits and giving free help and advice.
Since Andrea took over, the library has expanded from 4 to 22 kits and I now coordinate 8 volunteers across Teesside.


30th March - The Power of Failure

About this Event

We have all seen and felt the effect of change, learn from those who have found resilience and adapted to turn failure into success.

Our Speaker

Alex Fraser

Alex’s career has taken several turns from Rugby Player, to Sports Coach, to Student, to Manager back to Student and eventually to Engineering. He uses all those lessons to shape how he approaches his work and how he tackles engineering and project challenges across the UK.

Alex is a Senior Water Scientist based in Leeds, working on projects across the UK for Jacobs. Alex specialises in Catchment Management and Blue-Green Infrastructure contributing to the CIWEM Natural Capital Specialist Panel and the regional committee. Alex works across multiple technical projects including coastal and strategies to Fluvial and Surface Water projects as well as supporting major infrastructure projects.

Alex is a lead member of the Humber 2100+ Team developing innovative solutions for the Estuary wide Flood Risk Management Strategy for the next 100 years. Alex’s role in the strategy is on the appraisal looking to balance the needs of present-day communities while adapting to the future challenges of the Humber and wider world.


13th April - Confident Communication 

About this Event

We all lack confidence sometime, come along to learn some skills which will help you gain the confidence to be your best. We shall get hints from those who have become more confident in interviews, public speaking and other forms of communication.

Our speaker

Mimi Nwosu, Sir Robert McAlpine

Mimi is an award-winning Civil Engineer with a strong interest in sustainable construction materials, particularly concrete. She is currently on a project working on concrete production and quality. Mimi has experience in a variety of sectors within civil engineering and the construction industry.

Recently, Mimi released a film “Myths vs Reality: Engineering Edition” (https://youtu.be/EXW655Be174) debunking the myths behind a career in engineering which reached over 100,000+ views across social media. This presented Mimi with the opportunity to virtually speak to 21,000 students about her role, journey, and stories of solo world travel, providing a unique perspective into the world of engineering.

Mimi has now started to use her platform on social media to document her journey into engineering on Instagram, describing her day-to-day and the technicalities of her role adapting her voice to her audience, providing, an engaging and exciting view into the world of engineering and concrete construction.


27th April - Personal Branding

About this Event

The impression you give the outside world matters. In this session you will learn how to make the right impression.

Our Speaker

Jay Surti

Jay Surti is an internationally published author, speaker and consultant.

Having practised as a lawyer for 17 years, she realised that many professionals struggle with presenting and public speaking - something which was a big problem for her personally and led to a missed career opportunity in Civil Engineering.

She now works with executives, teams and MBA candidates to help them transform their presentations to make sure they engage with the audience and get their message across.

Jay has served as an Executive Board Member of Women in Banking and Finance and the Women's Engineering Society. She is a current Board Member of the University of Dundee.

Jay has written a number of books on presentation skills – the most recent is Ultimate Presentations (Kogan Page).



11th May - The Next Steps for Career Success

About this Event

Whether the next step is your first or last learn how prospective employers view applicants and how you can make the best of opportunities. Get advice on CVs, application forms, social media, interviews and the like.

Our Speaker

Kara Connon

Kara Connon has recently been appointed Jacobs STEAM Lead for Europe, following five years as STEM Lead for Glasgow.

Kara has an honours degree in Geography from the University of Strathclyde and a Masters Degree in Energy and Environmental Management from Glasgow Caledonian. Kara has worked at Jacobs for over 10 years in a variety of roles from Sustainability Consultant to Stakeholder Manager to Education Liaison Officer in the Reading, London and Glasgow offices.

Kara is currently working as part of a team who are developing a Global STEAM Strategy for Jacobs, which will put a true focus on quality STEAM engagement with the pupils who need it most.

In her spare time Kara is a keen scuba diver with over 200 dives under her belt and is a qualified Rescue Diver. She also enjoys being creative through various crafts, especially photography.

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