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Ask Me About....

From 07/Apr/2021 to 06/May/2021
Times: Varied dates and times

Ask Me About... is an informal Q&A session delivered by STEM Ambassadors on a subject of their choice

About this Event

Have you ever wondered how a bridge is built? Or how do you get into the aerospace sector? Or how do you care for bees?

Book on to an Ask Me About Session to have all of your questions answered!

The Ask Me About sessions are no longer than 30 minutes and each one is delivered by a different STEM Ambassador on a subject of their choice. This event is completely free and open to STEM Ambassadors & Teachers, you can come along to as many Ask Me About sessions as you would like too - bring a friend and a cup of tea! The Ambassador will deliver a presentation of approximately 10 minutes and then there will be time to ask any questions.

If you're a STEM Ambassador and you would like to deliver your own Ask Me About session then you can volunteer here

Upcoming Sessions

7th April from 1pm-1.30pm: Ask Me About ... Civil Engineering & Quest Scholarships

To be delivered by Joe Westhead: I'm a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Bath - I really love bridges and trains! I have an ICE Quest scholarship and would love to talk about civil engineering, what the uni-course is like and my placement experiences!


21st April from 1pm-1.30pm: Ask Me About...Bees

To be delivered by Garry Packer, our resident Beekeeper and Bee enthusiast!


6th May from 12.30pm-1pm: Ask Me About....Moving from Latvia to Airbus, Filton

To be delivered by Irina Tatarinova: My story started in my home country of Latvia - I have been passionate about airplanes and sky since the childhood. I am now an apprentice at 31 years old at Airbus


18th May from 12.30pm-1pm: Ask Me About....Ecology

To be delivered by Ruth Holland: I retrained at 45 to become an Ecologist, after leaving secondary teaching, and have found my passion in protected species, such as bats, dormice and great crested newts.


28th May from 1pm-1.30pm: Ask Me About....Audiology (hearing/ears)

To be delivered by Melina Matthiessen: I am a trainee Clinical Scientist working in Audiology. I will be talking about scientists in the NHS, Audiology, and ears/hearing/balance

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