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STM Hub Masterclass - a STEM Ambassador and Nuclear Engineer for the Royal Navy,

From 10/Nov/2021 to 10/Nov/2021
Times: 16:00 - 17:00
Venue: Online
Price: Free

Join STEM NOW and Midge, a STEM Ambassador and Nuclear Engineer for the Royal Navy, to find out more.

In this Masterclass Midge will cover:

His career journey and role as a Submariner & Engineer

  • KS1 - Buoyancy - Ever wondered how a 7000 Tonne Metal Submarine dives and returns safely, under control, to the surface when required?
  • GCSE Level - Nuclear Fission & Power Generation - What powers our Nuclear Submarine Fleet? Have you ever considered how a Submarine can remain underwater, at sea for months on end? Find out how, with the help of a few atomic collisions we can power a Submarine 'indefinitely'.
  • Various age groups - Life Essentials - Oxygen Production & Water Distillation - What about our most prized assets - 'Our People'? Learn how we manage the 'atmosphere' on board a submarine as well as producing our own drinking water to keep the crew hydrated and refreshed. 

There will be an opportunity at the end of the session to ask questions.

This event is for Teachers/Educators and Approved STEM Ambassadors.

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