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From 25/Oct/2021 to 29/Oct/2021

Jacobs is a global company on your doorstep. We have 77,000 employees worldwide and have around 400 employees based in Stockton. We have astronauts in NASA, we build highways, bridges and buildings, support Sellafield and Rolls Royce Submarines, more information can be found on our website http://www.jacobs.com/

Rather than traditional work experience, we offer an Award Winning structured programme where 12-16 students from various local schools spend the week with us, learning more about engineering and Jacobs. https://www.stockton.gov.uk/news/2018/april/a-big-thank-you-here-s-who-was-recognised-in-this-year-s-mayor-s-civic-awards/

The Jacobs industrial Workshop is accredited by the industrial Cadets. We run the workshop every October and February half term. The week inspires the students to consider engineering as a career and some are returning to Jacobs for further work experience in their chosen discipline and considering applications for our apprenticeships. A typical programme is attached. The programme involves Jacobs presentations, team activities covering engineering and the typical things we do here in Jacobs, concluding with students presenting to an audience of Jacobs managers/engineers and teachers/parents.

Please find attached application form and return to victoria.richards2@jacobs.com 

Website: http://www.jacobs.com/
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