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Fly to the Line - Glider Challenge

From 06/Jun/2018 to 30/Jun/2019
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Fly to the Line - Glider Challenge - Year 4 & 5 (P5 & 6) competition for the UK with regional Flight HUBs.



Welcome to the UK primary Schools Glider Challenge in partnership with RAF Museum Cosford.

The Glider Challenge offers primary schools a unique opportunity to begin to engage students in years 4 and 5 (Scotland P5 & P6) with STEM subjects.

The competition is sponsored by the RAF Museum Cosford & The Learning Partnership to engage as many young people as possible with an authentic Science and Engineering challenge. The competition and supporting curriculum resources are designed to help equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience that they will need to embrace and tackle the global opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.  

The project is fully resourced with lesson plans, printables and activity guides made available here online on the Dendrite STEM Education Community.

registration costs £30.00 + VAT per school and includes everything you need for 1 class (10 teams) and can be purchased here. ( please aslo click the registration button below as this adds your school to the competition)

Extra resources in packs of 10 can be purchased also by clicking here.

How the competition works:

Use the guidance and ideas in the content areas below to design, build and test gliders through the Autumn, Spring and early Summer terms. There is a variety of additional lesson content you can use from now to explore key principles.

Hold an in-school glider flying competition, providing opportunities for students to refine their designs and launching skills.   Notes and a video presentation for this are in the content areas below.

The team/s (one team of up to 4 from each registered class at the school) with the best distance flying glider is invited to represent their school at the regional finals to be held at the regional Hub in May or early June. At the regional and national finals, students will get the opportunity to learn more about flight and will design and compete with new glider designs they make there (all tools and resources provided).

The winners of each regional finals will be invited to the National Finals at RAF Museum Cosford at the end of June 2019.


Where can I get advice on running the at school qualifying stage?

You can review the videos and presentation below which include new resources on running your in school qualifying stage and preparing for the regional final.

How do I find my regional final date and hub location?

Regional hubs are located at specialist aviation museums and forces aviation bases around the UK to provide an exciting and informative venue for the qualifying teams to design and fly gliders.

Regional Final Hub Locations & Dates:

These will be published in September 2018 and timetabled for the start of the spring term 2019.

Timetable for the Regional Final day:

School should aim to get to the regional competition for registration by 9:30AM.   The event will end at 2:30PM

National Final Location & Date:

The national final will be held in March 2019 to avoid any clash with SATS. The exact date will be published in September 2018.

Where can I get more help or information?

The resources in the sections below contain lots of information to help you manage taking part in the competition.  There is a map of all the schools taking part if schools want to coordinate on travel, etc.

You can use the message forum here to ask questions. If you post in the 'ask the experts' section, Learning Partnership staff are notified immediately.

If have other problems, you can get also more help and information on +44(0)1869346609.


For full information see www.flytotheline.com

Website: https://www.dendrite.me/competition/view/competitionid/5b194fa407d734e1fc5b9102#tab:published-content
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