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Cyber Crime Training

From 08/Jul/2019 to 26/Jul/2019
Times: Vary
Price: Free

Cyber Crime Training

The North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit from NERSOU and the three local Specialist Cyber teams within the North East police forces (Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland) have teamed up to conduct cyber-crime prevention activity across the region, with an objective of engaging with young people to develop their skills and interests toward  positive cyber activity. The engagement will help build knowledge around computer related offences and signpost individuals to skills initiatives such as coding clubs and apprenticeship schemes where they can develop and use their skills in a safe and legal environment. Both the regional and local Specialist Cyber teams are keen to work with the education sector and local businesses across the region to help guide young people with cyber related interests or skills onto positive career pathways.

For further information please see HERE

Any questions please email  NERCCU.Prevent@durham.pnn.police.uk

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