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Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project

From 15/Oct/2019 to 15/Dec/2019

Welcome on board the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project


Free resources now available for teachers, community groups and archaeology communicators to inspire pupils with real-world STEM and introduce them to careers they may not realise exist.

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP) was a three-year interdisciplinary expedition researching ancient coastlines and seafaring history of the Bulgarian Black Sea which included the discovery of the world’s oldest, intact shipwreck.

Meet the individuals and teams working on the project, see STEM skills and technologies in action and experience the challenges of solving problems at sea to uncover the past.

Find out more about our short films, classroom and club activities, career profiles and posters at http://blackseamap.com/education/.

Watch the two part documentary ‘Ghosts of the Deep: Ancient Shipwrecks’ on More4 from July 8th 2019.


Website: http://blackseamap.com/
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