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WISE - My Skills My Life Teacher Training

From 09/Nov/2021 to 09/Nov/2021
Venue: Online
Price: Free


The WISE ‘My Skills My Life’ campaign

This campaign is a research-based approach that aims to challenge the perceptions of STEM careers with school age girls. The best way for women and girls to see themselves working in a STEM role is through having inspirational STEM role models.

‘There is a clear link between role models and an increased passion for Science, technology and maths subjects, with more interest in careers in these fields and greater self-confidence’  (Microsoft, 2018)

We have developed a new online platform that allows girls to find out about their preferred personality types and to match them with role models like yourself who have rewarding and successful careers in STEM.  Once you have completed your profile, and it has been approved, it will be added to the new platform and girls will be able to view this after completing the quiz.

When completing your profile, please remember that girls, in general, tend to identify more with adjectives. They respond more strongly to the bigger picture and impact of your role and that they’re looking to find a way to identify with you. The more personal your response, the greater the impact you can have with them!

Website: https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/what-we-do/expertise/welcome-to-my-skills-my-life/how-you-can-get-involved/create-your-role-model-profile/
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