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Investigating the Impact of Setting and Mixed-Attainment Grouping

19 March 2019

The project

The project is investigating the effect of setting and mixed attainment (mixed ability) grouping in maths on students’ attainment and self-confidence. The project will involve all the Year 7 classes starting secondary school in September 2019 from around 120 schools. The project will last until the end of Year 8 (Summer 2021). We are comparing schools that already group students for maths in mixed attainment groups to schools that already group students for maths in sets. We are not asking you to change anything about what you already do in your school.


Participating schools will receive a £1000 payment after the project is complete.  Case Study schools will receive an additional £500.


For more information and to take part, contat Maria - maria.cockerill@qub.ac.uk

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