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Secondary school courses

20 May 2019

These secondary school courses are currently being offered by Sunderland University and STEM Learning for the National Centre for Computing Education.


A consortium made up of STEM Learning, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has established the National Centre for Computing Education as a one-stop shop for computing education providing: leadership, expertise, evidence-based interventions; free, quality-assured curriculum linked resources; and online CPD. 

The vision for the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) is for every child in every school in England to have a world-leading computing education. 

The National Centre for Computing Education are working to:

• support and improve the provision of computing education in England

• increase teacher confidence in teaching the computing curriculum

• drive up participation and attainment in computer science at GCSE and A level

There are several Computer Science offerings for secondary schools listed below:

Computer Science Accelerator Programme

This modular programme is designed to support secondary teachers of Computing or Computer Science who do not have a post-A level qualification in computer science or a related subject.

Examples of ‘related subjects’ include Information Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Health Informatics. For clarity, in this context, post-A level qualifications in Computing or ICT are not considered ‘related subjects’.

Teachers begin by completing a diagnostic test which will reveal any gaps in their subject knowledge and will signpost them to the most relevant modules that will meet their needs.

The course is made up of 4 x 2-day face-to-face inputs, each of which includes a gap task.  There are also a number of online courses to complement the face-to-face modules.

The CS Accelerator Programme focusses on equipping teachers with the content knowledge necessary to teach GCSE Computer Science and is mapped to the GCSE specifications of the most popular awarding bodies.


Outstanding teacher of GCSE Computer Science (Course code CP205)

This is currently being offered through Sunderland University and is aimed at improving Computer Science at GCSE level. This course is the (4 days) this course is intended for graduates of the Computer Science Accelerator Programme (see below for details) or teachers who already teach Computer Science and are looking to develop their CS teaching further.

The course provides teachers with the pedagogical skills necessary to teach GCSE Computer Science. There are 3 gap tasks for teachers to implement their learning in the classroom after each of the first 3 days of the course.


Creative computing for Key Stage 3 (2 days)

This course is currently being rolled out by BCS and is going to be part of the NCCE offer in the spring.


Key Stage 4 Computing (1 day)

This course is aimed at those students who do not take GCSE Computer Science, and is designed to help teachers offer the National Curriculum entitlement in an engaging way.


Booking System

To access opportunities available from the National Centre for Computing Education, create an account here: https://teachcomputing.org/

Here you can find all of the courses and the venues where they are running.



Outstanding Teacher of GCSE, Creative Computing for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Computing

All secondary teachers of computing in priority schools, which in our region is Northumberland and Middlesbrough, will be able to access the core programme of face-to-face CPD free of charge.

A bursary is also offered of £100 for each day of CPD.

Any other teachers are able to attend the secondary courses for a fee of £35 a day.


The Computer Science Accelerator Programme:

Any teacher participating in the CS Accelerator Programme will be able to access all face-to-face CPD free of charge.

Bursaries will be available to all schools for all eligible teachers completing the programme.

The bursary is split into two parts. The first part (£880) is payable to the CPD participant after they have completed two, two-day face-to-face courses and the associated gap tasks and is equivalent to £220 per day.

The second part (£870) is payable to the CPD participant after they have completed two 8-hour online courses and have entered the summative knowledge test.


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