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21 June 2019

Working with Durham University we are training primary school children to be science ambassadors for their school. One of the activities we carry out with them is giving them a set of pictures of people and they discuss what type of job each person might do. It is a good way of opening up discussions around gender stereotypes as well as showcasing different jobs. At the moment we use a set of images produced by another organisation and would really like to produce a set including people with connections to the North East to make it more meaningful for the children and more likely to allow them to see themselves doing that type of work.

We are looking for people we can use to create pictures and a short fact file about their jobs. If you would like to be involved, please fill in this short survey about you and what you do https://forms.gle/2XfjKFSMitHyeqxs8 

If you know anyone else who may be a good person to include, please pass on this email. We would love to include a diverse set of people of different ages, ethnic and social backgrounds and different types of jobs. 

Thank you 

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