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Hobgoblin Winners from the Festival of Ingenuity

24 October 2019

Hobgoblin Winners

This week our North East STEM Ambassador team were at Hurworth School to award students with their prize from the Festival of Ingenuity competition held by Hobgoblin 3d.

Marc Healy, Head of Design and Technology says

'I am delighted that our students won the graphics tablet from Hobgoblin after their visit to the Festival of Ingenuity. I was listening to the discussions that our students were having during the task Hobgoblin set, and I was impressed with their ideas, imagination and team work. I was also impressed with how the powerful software was allowing them to bring their ideas and imagination to life'

Jordan Knights, Marketing Director from Hobgoblin says

'We were thoroughly impressed with all the students that took part in our creative competition, which was held at the Festival of Ingenuity this year.

 The students showed a high drive for creativity and each added their own artistic flair to the characters they were tasked to design and create in the software provided.

 The Students from Hutsworth particularly excelled in this competition by harnessing their imaginations and worked together in groups to provide some truly creative and artist character designs.'

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