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23 April 2021



The project is collaboration between the UKESF and the University of Southampton, with support from the Institute of Physics.  It is focussed on raising attainment in Physics A-Level and promoting Electronics.  This is achieved by providing classroom sets of resources linked directly the curriculum and by training teachers.  You can find out more about the projects here:


The classroom sets of boards are robust, reliable and re-usable.  They provide an engaging and practical way for teachers to deliver the ‘fundamental’ Electronics/Electrical parts of the curriculum (A-Level).  So far, 275 schools/teachers involved and over 1,000 board have been distributed to schools.   We know that the approach is effective and resonates with teachers, as we have had extremely positive feedback.  This academic year we are focussing on state-schools in the North of England. 


For each school we support, we provide them – free of charge – with a classroom set of 10 boards for A-Level Physics and train a teacher, via on-line videos and tutorials.


In Summary, Electronics Everywhere provides:

  • Re-usable classroom resources.  These are manufactured in the UK and loaned, free of charge, to state schools.
  • Aligned with A-Level curriculum for Physics.
  • Investing in teachers.  Enabling teachers to deliver the Physics A-Level curriculum in a more engaging, hands-on, way
  • Explainer videos available on-line, along with extension work.


If teachers/schools would like to register their interest, then they can contact us via electronics.everywhere@ukesf.org

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