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The Ambassador Programme (and RTC!)

The Ambassador Programme (and RTC!)

  • I have been a STEM Ambassador since 2005 and compared to the early days, the programme in the North East is now  a mature and very supportive framework of dedicated and enthusiastic administrators all helping the STEM Ambassadors like me, link up effectively and efficiently with schools and organisations and hence their students.
  • I get to know about what teachers want and can hopefully provide some teachers and students with a fun insight into STEM, engineering careers and engineering workplaces and I’ll throw in some science and maths and some problem solving, team building challenges as well!
  • I get to show students and teachers my organisation and the variety of technical and scientific careers and my company might be keen to show an interest and offer site visits to schools and further opportunities to engage with us.

If I were a new Ambassador!

  • Well by being a STEM Ambassador for your company and going out into the community, you can show the world a human side to your organisation; for some engineering companies this can be quite difficult.  But go out as a STEM Ambassador, to a school who has invited you in and you can show how important your company is, how important your product is and where it might be found (if not in the home or a supermarket!), how important your services are to the nation, to other nations, to other businesses and you can also show how important you are to your business and why (skills, qualifications, experience, ideas, solving of problems!).
  • Becoming a STEM Ambassador is easy, going into schools and colleges is easy – do some easy stuff first (careers events), then you find doing some of the ‘harder’ stuff, year group assemblies, competitions, hands-on brain on design-build-test sessions are not so HARD as to be impossible.  Take little steps and you will find that going that extra mile is just like taking some more little steps!
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