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Feedback from Zetland Primary School

Ben Sickling, Principal Engineer at Sweco has completed a nine-week STEM project, working with children from Zetland Primary School in Redcar. 

The school has provided the following feedback on Ben's work with the pupils. We are extremely proud of all our STEM Ambassadors, helping us to achieve our goal across the North East, namely to enthuse more young people about STEM subjects and consequently to prompt them to consider developing careers in STEM subjects. 

Mr S English commented:

"The project with the children was an absolute success. You have gone above and beyond to involve all Year 1 children in a practical project which provides an engaging and meaningful context to learn about science with a focus on electricity. The children have loved it and have had a great experience making their own buzz off toy and by contributing to the scaled-up mode to be used in the school fayre. The manner in which you worked with the children was excellent and child-focused. The additional goody bags provided is also very thoughtful and much appreciated. We would very much welcome any other projects that could be organised as the children really did have an excellent time and opportunities to enrich children’s understanding and enthusiasm for learning are fantastic to see. Many thanks and we have been delighted with the way in which the project has worked."


Donna Hornsey commented:

"The children have been enthused while attending our Buzz Off club. Ben has built excellent relationships with the children, and it was pleasing to see the children respond so well to his activities. Once the children had completed their game, they reacted with awe and amazement."


Children's quotes:

"It was really, really good" FM aged 6.

"I really enjoyed it as we got to make our own game" JP aged 6.

"It was fun because the buzzer was really loud" AAD aged 6.

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