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Race for the Line competition now open

From 25/Jun/2018 to 20/Jul/2018
Venue: RAF Boulmer



Race for the Line - Model Rocket Cars - Year 7 (S1) competition for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales now open - www.racefortheline.co.uk

Season 4 offers schools even more

The feedback from schools on the past season has been incredibly positive. We now want to see the competition become even more effective in meeting the needs of schools and teachers by enabling them to embed Race For The Line as a project based STEM activity deeply into the school planning and curriculum. 

To make the competition easier to manage in school, a minimum of 2 teachers from each school will be trained and accredited to run their own qualifying race activity on school premises. Schools will be supplied with all the Race Management kit to do this safely and effectively.

To register - click here  

Schools can pick the days and times for their development and qualifying races:

As well as allowing schools to choose the ideal dates and times for races, schools can now also have all students engage in full cycles of design, test and evaluation in either Science and D&T contexts before regional finals, ensuring that the teams that learn the most and that apply their growing knowledge, can progress.

Workshop with practical lesson ideas and software training for teachers:

A wealth of engaging teaching ideas and tips will be shared at the regional accreditation workshops:

  • Science - Helping students investigate 'what makes a car go fast?' Motion and forces with rocket cars. Newton's laws, aerodynamics and friction.
  • Computer Science - measuring the speed and motion of rocket cars using micro:bit, making timing systems, exploring telemetry and the 'Internet of things', using simulators to model experiments, using Autodesk Flow Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics to model aerodynamics.
  • Design and Technology - using rocket cars as a D&T cycle activity - wheels, hubs and axles, making a wind tunnel, simulated and practical testing and evaluation

Engage with partner organisation STEM ambassadors at different stages in the design and race cycle:

Our national network of supporting STEM ambassadors are very keen to support their local schools earlier in the design and innovation process.  Schools can now organise STEM days and events to maximise local networks and clusters.

Everything you need to run a race across the whole of Year 7 included:

We continue to have incredible support from our sponsors and funding is in place for rocket car kits, to make the competition sustainable as it continues to grow, the accreditation training for school staff to become accredited rocketeers will be a charged for part of the programme. Included in the accreditation training is the Race Management kit.

School Competition Resource Pack supplied to each registered school

  • 1 x rocket car kit per 4 students in year 7 (note if more kits are required these can be purchased from the shop)
  • 1 x rocket motor per team in year 7 (note if more motors are required these can be purchased from the shop)
  • 1 x rocket motor launcher
  • 1 x tether line
  • 3 x micro:bit accelerometer timing systems
  • 1 x Ammo box
  • Dendrite Data management App. (this allows all race data to be gathered automatically and loaded to the school race leader-board - no more manual data uploads!)

Race Schedule

  • 1st May-15th July 2018 - Registration
  • 1st September 2018 - 30th March 2019 - School Qualifying 
  • 15th April - 15th May 2019 - Regional Finals
  • End of June 2019 - The national finals

Training Events

Each participating school is required to have 2 members of staff trained and accredited as rocketeers. the training fee is £299 per teacher. There will be 2 training dates held per region during the September term.


  • 1st Prize -  £1,000.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite Shop
  • 2nd Prize - £500.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite shop
  • 3rd Prize -  £250.00 of STEM product from the Dendrite shop

Terms & Conditions

  • Schools must sign a contract by the end of the summer term 2018.
  • All year 7 students must compete with all qualifying race data uploaded to the school leader board via the Dendrite App.
  • Rocket motors must be ordered from TLP a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the school Race day.
  • A video of school Race events must be loaded into the school community in Dendrite as part of the health and safety oversight of newly qualified rocketeers.
  • Each School will have 1 team qualify for the regional finals event nearest them which will happen at the start of the summer term and be announced in the Autumn term 2018. 1 team from each participating school must attend the regional finals.

All competition resources will be delivered to the school at the start of the September term 2018.

To register - click here  


Website: https://www.dendrite.me/competition/view/competitionid/5aec6a4f08d7341b973f0ce0#tab:published-content
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