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Newcastle Innovation Centre: A Year in Industry

19 February 2019

Newcastle Innovation Centre: A Year in Industry


Salary:  competitive/attractive remuneration package – Start Date Beginning of September 2019

We are proud to offer students the opportunity to join P&G for a year’s industrial experience at our Innovation Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We believe with this experience, P&G can help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians into innovative careers.  

Since students in the North East are very interested in learning how to further develop their STEM skills, P&G’s Year in Industry program is designed to provide an invaluable source of industrial training and experience, to ensure students can progress into rewarding careers in industry and/or academia. However, there are also opportunities for successful students to progress to a permanent role within P&G.

P&G are therefore keen to see applications (via the YINI Scheme – Register HERE  / http://www.etrust.org.uk/the-year-in-industry/apply-now )from school leavers with A levels/or equivalent who would be interested in this internship as a route into a career as a researcher in P&G.















P&G’s 1-year internships are based in the Newcastle Innovation Centre (NIC) and focus on developing products for Fabric and Home Care consumers. During the year, the benefits of the P&G internship/apprenticeship program that students will experience, include:

  • Industrial safety & quality expectations
  • Understanding the essential role that STEM plays in creating the new technologies and products
  • The science of understanding and serving consumers
  • The art of Research & Development
  • Turning insights into action
  • Project management
  • Networking
  • Team working
  • Decision making
  • Effective communication & documentation
  • Partnering with academia
  • Mentor program with a wealth of Industrial and academic backgrounds
  • New product/ process/ material inventions
  • A Women in Innovation network
  • A Community Matters program
  • An Environmental Green team


If you are a creative and innovative individual looking for an industrial experience with P&G, please contact

Caroline Jardine-Smith  Email c.jardine-smith@etrust.org.uk please do not contact P&G directly.


Research & Development (R&D)

“The magic behind the brands”


Career opportunities in R&D

Depending on your skills, background and passion, you could work in any of these areas:


Product Research

You will develop a deep understanding of consumer needs; identifying new product opportunities and developing unique concepts. You’ll test new prototypes and work with Marketing and other functions to define our product claims.


Product Development

You will develop new technologies, formulations and prototypes and define the final product based on technical performance, consumer acceptance and cost. You will design and apply test methods based on both technical models and consumer preferences and protect the new technology by developing and filing patents.


Process Design

You will develop innovative processes to make new products in our manufacturing plants. Working closely with engineering team you will scale up from lab to pilot to full scale production. You will work with outside suppliers to identify suitable equipment and materials.


Packaging Development

You will develop and introduce new and improved packaging and devices, defining design criteria to ensure packaging meets product, consumer and environmental needs. You’ll work closely with Purchasing to identify the most technically proficient and cost-effective suppliers.


Analytical & Microbiology

You will provide specific chemical and biological expertise to develop new test methods for new technologies and formulations.


Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs

You will assure products are safe for humans and the environment, ensuring products are in compliance with country regulations and providing scientific support for external communication.


For more information please see the P&G Careers website:



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