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TeenyWeeny VR

23 April 2021

Thendral International Ltd is a Sunderland based company founded by VJ in 2020. Currently Thendral International Ltd is developing an innovative VR-based children entertainment product/service TeenyWeeny VR for enabling children entertainment for special children. Not all the children, particularly special children have got opportunities to experience entertainment and fun-based educational content. Thanks to the next generation emerging technologies, now the above-mentioned challenge can be addressed through VR-based entertainment/educational content for children with special educational needs.  We are already working closely with one school in the North East to consider the benefits of VR entertainment for SEND pupils as well as an opportunity to showcase the careers in the sector.
If you are interested in finding out more and supporting this emerging technology project please contact Vijayalakshmi Subramani (VJ) directly on vj@thendral.co.uk


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